if You Want To Scale your business with an
An Online Course
Michelle will be walking you through the exact steps she takes when planning to build an Online Course. The 11 Step Blueprint to Freedom.
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WE START 12th JULY 2020
Over These 4 weeks, I Will Pull Back The Curtain To How I Create My Online Courses.

You Will See:
  • How getting started is easier than you think and how I've helped hundreds of students to take the first steps and then go on to complete their very own profitable online course.
  • ​The strategies I have used to generate a 6 figure business (and growing!) 
  • All you need to build your course from start to finish.
  • ​AND, you will gain the CONFIDENCE you need to take action and know what to do in what order.
  • We will go over it all! The planning, the structure, how to get eyes on your course, how to define your offer. It’s all in there.
So let’s do this!! You will get ALL YOU NEED to collate, launch and promote your very own online course so you can have the freedom lifestyle you crave!!

And If You Are Not 100% Happy With The Value You Receive I Will Give You ALL Your Money Back!

No strings attached, We just want to give you the tools you need to do this for yourself to automate and scale your business so you can live a life of FREEDOM and earn from anywhere in the world or even while you sleep!
Here's What Past Students Have Been Saying

I'm going to move forward in really significant ways in my business now!

"I come from a background of marketing...I’m a digital content manager full time so I'm learning a lot every day...Michelle was able to teach me about tools that I've never used in my role that have just opened up a whole new world to me about what is possible in the world of digital marketing with lead generation online and creating landing pages and Click Funnels and email sequences to step customers through a journey of getting to know you and eventually buying from you, which is really powerful." 

Mishka Long, Digital Content Manager

If you’ve got a business or even an idea of a business that you'd like to bring to life...

"Michelle has this unbelievable gift and ability to listen to what it is you're trying to create and to process that and to very quickly give you some guidance and wisdom from all her years and experience with coaching but also in business herself to be able to provide some really clear direction to help you bring it to life. "

Kerry Little, The Harmony Hub

Michelle has this ability to just be so transparent and authentic...

"Michelle is genuinely caring in the way that she wants to empower people and help them to find their own solutions to challenges that are facing in their business, but to actually give so freely of everything that she knows and, you know, she’ll deviate to things that aren't even necessarily part of course if she feels like it's going to add value to you and help you achieve what it is that you need to achieve."

Jayne Martin Coaching

I'm looking at my business with fresh eyes now to look at creating efficiencies

"I can now streamline processes and adopt new ways of doing things where it's scalable and it's not so labour-intensive on my time, putting processes in place to have things more automatic."

Sharon Little, Yoga For Two & Haven For Health
From The Desk Of Michelle Wilson,
QLD, Australia.

Hello Friend!

Building online courses is my jam! When I started doing this it totally transformed my life. 
It gave me the ability to wake up when and where I want to, and earn 6 figure a year income (and growing), while working very little, Or as much as I wanted to. 
I can travel if I want to and not worry about it impacting on my business, in fact, when I travel I seem to earn MORE!

I can also choose to stay at home and work, EVEN earning money in my sleep! 

But It hasn't always been like this... Don't worry, I've done the hard yards so you don't have to!
Let me save you a decade or two!
I use to have a few brick a mortar businesses and every day I felt tied to them, always having to be there to open the doors to make sure the revenue came in.
I felt trapped,
worn out,
over worked 
underpaid for the effort I was putting in.... 

I learn't a few lessons you could say! 
The hard way! 
But it was all a blessing, because now I am here, talking to you, and sharing about what not to do as well as what I have found to be the most LUCRATIVE, RISK FREE, FREEDOM FILLED business and lifestyle I have ever had!

ONLINE COURSES is where it's at! 

Seriously, they are a game changer! For anyone who is a coach, consultant or has a professional service with knowledge to share... 
You could 100% be leveraging your skills and knowledge by putting it into an online Course and selling it like clock work. 

Once I discovered this, I wanted to share it with the WORLD!! The E-learning Course industry is set to hit $225 + Billion by 2023! That is a massive industry, and I want you to have a part of that pie along side me! Don't you!?

This 4 Week advanced course is going to give you EVERYTHING you need to create your very own beautiful and profitable online course. And if you don't feel like you got massive value from the 4 weeks, I will refund your money. Just email my team within 24 hours of the course completing and we will refund you, no questions asked.  

But I'm pretty confident you won't be doing that, judging by the feed back from past student... The response has been nothing short of exceptional!
I pride myself on this.

The success of my students is the success of my business. 
Why am I so confident about being able to get you results? 

Well, its simple really. 

The proof is in the profit and the feedback from past and current students.

Below is a little snippet from my income back office.

I want yours to look even better than this! 
You may be asking yourself, will this work for my business. 

I can say that the answer is most likely yes... 

I have worked with hundreds, probably thousands by now, of business owners from a vast array of industries. 

Online courses can work for all sorts of coaches, consultants or professional services who have knowledge to share that can genuinely help others. 

Just think about it this way, 

if you have a service where you work one on one with clients, 

chances are you can work one on many, 

if you just knew how to extract the information out of your head, 

put it into a system and then market it, 

chances are you would be able to leverage your time and expertise and be able to scale your business like never before. 
So if you have either created courses in the past that maybe just haven't quite worked for you, 


you are just looking to improve your already amazing courses,


you have never created a course before and are wondering where to start... this 4 Week Advanced Course will help you to achieve your goals of lifestyle, time and money FREEDOM! 
Just so you know though...My results are not typical. You need to understand that nothing in life worth having will come to you with out putting the work in.
Please do not sign up for SHINE ONLINE if you are not willing to take action or are looking for someone else to do it all for you.
We like to maintain a high level of successful students. And those are the ones who are ready to make a drastic change in their lives.

We will help you with the strategy and to push through your fears, but you need to be willing to go there.
Deal? If you’re cool with that, we want you IN NOW!
You May Be Wondering...
One last thing... In light of total transparency, you might be wondering can I really make that much money from selling online??

Well take a look at this screen shot....
  • I took this the other day. It's from my phone screen notifications centre. Yup, those are legitimate payments being made to my account for some of my advanced programs and coaching.
  • So you see, it is totally achievable to make a lot of money with a laptop, mobile, internet connection and a bit of education. You just need someone like me who is actually DOING it, not just saying they are doing it, to show you how. 
  • I’m passionate about drawing out of each person what they are good at, defining a way that they can clarify that into an offer and build a course that can give them the FREEDOM lifestyle that I have. 
  • I love seeing people succeed, and I love helping them to do that. I teach people this stuff week in and week out. So I know what is needed to succeed. I I have it ALL in this course Shine Online.  
  • But I know, as always the action takers and future success stories need to take action. I can't do that part for you.I have done the rest, you just need to register and then keep following the thread!
Assuming You Are One Of The People Who Want To Succeed With Me, here is what's in the program: 

As you can see from the modules and lessons above there is so much value in this course! 
You get everything you need from start to finish, 
as well as repurposing your content so you can make more courses with minimal effort.

Here's how it's going to roll out...

When you REGISTER NOW by clicking on one of the big buttons and filling in your details, you will then get instant access to the members area and private Facebook group where you can start getting ready for your learning process!

Learning and selling from anywhere!

🔥Learn on your terms with access to Shine Online where ever you have an internet connection.
🔥You will have your personal members area inside our course portal to keep all your learning material.
🔥You have LIFETIME ACCESS to Shine Online, so you can revisit the trainings at any time.

Community Aspect

🔥Surround yourself with other people who are going to uplift, empower and motivate you.
🔥Weekly LIVE calls with Michelle so all your questions are answered.
🔥An active Facebook Group where you can ask for any help throughout the week. 

The Blueprint To Freedom

🔥A step by step system for you to follow as a roadmap to success. 
🔥All you need to plan, create and launch your very own online course with success. 
🔥We will hold your hand all the way to support you in achieving your outcomes.


🔥I actually give you my complete funnels, so you can just edit them and they are done!
🔥I actually give you my complete email sequences, so you just take my words out and put yours in! 
🔥Let us save you hours of work that it takes to create these things that create sales for you.

All the ways to get your course SEEN.

🔥Templates to make your social media management a breeze.
🔥Strategies to take you from an unknown to in the face of your dream customers.
🔥How to build a database of loyal fans, even if you currently have no followers online.

PLUS Weekly Live group calls and daily Q and A 
in the Facebook group with Me and my team!

You will be able to directly ask all your pressing questions and get answers daily so you can take action and get this done!!
The support and value you will get is second to none!

See for yourself below what others are saying about the 'Build Your Course 5 Day Challenge'



Register NOW, Doors Close soon!...
We start on July 12th 2020
So hurry up and get on board!!

See you on the other side Rock Star!! 😊 
Michelle. xx

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